Diesel 500

DrySmart Diesel 500 Heat Drying Trailer

Fast Setup!

The DrySmart Convection Heat Drying System is truly a turnkey piece of drying equipment. Hook up the hoses, flip a switch, turn the key, and the drying begins. It’s really that simple!

Fully self-contained, the heat drying system can be setup by one person in mere minutes and is designed for handling water restoration jobs from 800 to over 5,000 square feet.

Fast Drying!

Packing over 500,000 BTU’s of energy, the DrySmart Structural Drying System quickly heats building interiors, driving out unwanted moisture and speeding the evaporation process.

The on board fuel tank carries enough fuel to run the system for 2-3+ days without refueling.

Fast Payback!

Based on Xactimate rate of $2,200 per day, the DrySmart Diesel 500 will pay for itself in only 22 days!


FuelDiesel or #2 heating oil
FurnaceIndirect fired with stainless steel heat exchanger
Heat output500,000 BTU/hr
Furance burnerBeckett CF800
Heated air temperatureup to 210°F
Temperature controls1.  Furnace output temperature – cycling mode
2.  Constant heat output – blower modulation mode
3. Remote thermostat placed within structure
Drying Area Capability800 to over 5,000 sq. ft. (10 ft. ceilings)
Fuel Supply200 gallon tank
Furnance fuel consumption at full output86 gallons per 24 hours
Furnace run time at full output55 hours
Normal run time2 to 3 1/2 days in cycling mode
Heat recoveryDuctable return air for make-up air mode
System Electrical Requirments15 amps 208/230v single phase
Supply Blower Volume2, 000 to 4,200 cfm  (VFD provides speed control)
Autonomous Exhaust SystemExhaust system designed to be placed within the structure
Exhaust Blower16″ variable speed axial fan
Air duct>150′ of 16″ flexible heavy duty hi-temp hose
GeneratorKubota GL11000 Diesel  (83.4 amps @ 120v)
Generator power available for accessories43 to 54 amps @ 120 volts (also has 220v outlet)
Generator fuel consumption.6 to 1 gal/hr. depending upon output
TrailerMiddlebury 16′ dual axle cargo trailer with 3,500 lb. axles
WheelsAlloy wheels with upgraded 225 tires
Trailer weight2100 lbs.
Approximate weight with full fuel tank4600 lbs
Trailer lnterior lightingTwo overhead lights
Trailer exterior lightingSide door area light, rear doors flood light
Exterior duct connectors & coversHeavy duty 16 ga. stainless steel
The Drysmart Trailer is an outstanding tool in our box. I am more apt to call for it than some of the other drying trailers (dessicants) in our yard. The heat rise and cfm combined with it’s ease of use makes it a great product. And good job to you a…
Tim JankowskiAladdin's Cleaning and Restoration


Grand Rapids

Cedar Springs

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