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The DrySmart Heat Drying System is truly a turnkey piece of drying equipment. Hook up the 16” flex hoses, flip a switch, turn the key, and the drying begins. It’s really that simple!

Fully self-contained, the heat drying system can be setup by one person in mere minutes and is designed for handling water restoration jobs from 800 to over 5,000 square feet.


Packing over 500,000 BTU’s of energy (350,000 for the Diesel 350) with a delivery rate of over 4,000 cfm (2,800 for the Diesel 350), the DrySmart Structural Drying System quickly heats building interiors, driving out unwanted moisture and speeding the evaporation process.

The on board fuel tank carries enough fuel to run the system for 2-3+ days without refueling.


Based on an Xactimate rate of $2,200 per day, the DrySmart Diesel 500 will pay for itself in only 22 days!  The Diesel 350 bills out at $1,375 per day; its payback is only 20 days!

Diesel 500 Heat Drying Trailer

The Diesel 500 is a fully self-contained heat drying system designed for water damage restoration projects from 800 to over 5,000 square feet in size.  On board is a 500,000 BTU diesel fueled furnace, a 200 gallon fuel tank, an 11,000 watt diesel generator, an autonomous exhaust blower, and 150 feet of durable flex hose. The 7×16 dual axle trailer offers considerable storage room up front for air movers and other equipment.  The generator has both 230V and 110V outlets and enough reserve current to power 22+ air movers.

Diesel 500 Compact Heat Drying Trailer

The Compact provides the drying power of the Diesel 500 in an easy to maneuver 6×12 single axle trailer.  The primary differences are its generator is a bit smaller but still has sufficient reserve current to power 15+ air movers and there is only limited storage room up front.

Diesel 350 Heat Drying Trailer

DrySmart’s smallest offering still has considerable drying power.  It’s 350,000 BTU furnace can handle drying jobs of over 3,000 square feet.  The trailer offers same features as the 500 trailers but without a generator.  It’s requires only an extension cord and a 15 amp 110V outlet for power.  The trailer also has a 12v battery and charger to power the trailer’s lights before an extension cord is connected – a very handy feature for night time set-up.  The trailer is a 6×12 single axle and has a fair amount of storage room up front.

Sunday I delivered a new Diesel 500 to Alan Lystila owner of Extreme Supplies in Clinton, Michigan. This is his second machine. He already has a Diesel 330 with over 3,500 hours of use. Alan often rents his trailers out to restoration contractors.
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