The DrySmart System

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Engineered To Perform!

“The results of the DrySmart trailer never cease to amaze me. Having used this technology on large commercial and residential losses of all types, I can honestly say that it exceeds my level of expectation on every job. The small amount of time required to set up the trailer returns huge dividends on time spent drying and even the quality of structural drying.”

– Tim Muller, Gohm Insurance Restoration

System Operation

The DrySmart Heat Drying Systems are the finest water damage drying trailers available. Safe, affordable, effective, and easy to use, DrySmart significantly cuts drying times, reduces structural damage, and improves your profits.

The DrySmart heats fresh outside air to a low relative humidity ducts the hot dry air into the water damage structure.  The structure’s moist air is quickly displaced, humidity levels drop rapidly, and heat energy immediately begins drying wet materials. DrySmart’s autonomous exhaust blower helps to control air flow within the structure.  As an added benefit, the fresh air exchange removes odors and the high temperatures deter mold growth.

Ready to Go

DrySmart is ready to go in a moment’s notice. The trailers can be easily towed by a ½ ton vehicle. Set up is simple and can be performed by one person. Arrive on site, hook up the flexible duct hoses, plug it in or start the generator, flip a switch, and the drying begins. Everything needed to get the drying job started is on the trailer. Power outages are no problem for generator equipped trailers. There is plenty of reserve power for air movers and auxiliary equipment.


DrySmart trailers include many features the technician will appreciate such as a light by the side door so the tech can see his/her keys when unlocking at night, a rear flood light to illuminate the work area, custom storage tubes make flex hose handling easy and keeps the hoses them safe and neat, and accessible service points to make maintenance convenient. There is even space provided for 4×8 sheets of materials.

Build quality is top notch and reliability is excellent. DrySmart uses North American built components that are readily available “off-the-shelf”. No need to go back to the manufacturer. Sheet metal is heavy duty 16 ga. laser cut stainless steel.


No two jobs are the same. DrySmart’s controls give the restoration technician the ability to match heat and air flow to the job. Both the furnace and exhaust blowers have speed control so the volume of air can be optimized to the job’s size and the extent of moisture damage. The speed controls permit drying to be done under positive, neutral or negative pressure. In addition to temperature controls on the trailer, a remote thermostat can be placed in the structure to assure the desired temperature range is not exceeded.

Fast Payback

DrySmart trailers have attractive Xactimate rates that preserve your job billings while labor and other costs are reduced. A 200,000 BTU system bills out at $1375 (HEATA) and a 400,000 BTU system goes for $2,200 per day (HEATA>). DrySmart does not displace air movers, inject-a-dries, and other similar pieces of equipment. It just makes them more effective.

Improve Operation Efficiencies

Heat speeds the drying process. The sooner one job is done the sooner the next one can begin and often jobs seem to come in clusters. Faster turns mean more jobs can be handled in a fixed period of time without additional equipment. The same is true for labor as well. Handle more jobs without additional manpower.

Handle a Broader Range of Work

Try defrosting a frozen house or drying a crawl space with a dehumidifier. If fact, we have found when defrosting a frozen house, the melted water evaporates at about the same rate it is melted. DrySmart can be used in construction when drywall mud or other materials must be quickly dried or for any other tasks where high temperatures are required.

Sunday I delivered a new Diesel 500 to Alan Lystila owner of Extreme Supplies in Clinton, Michigan. This is his second machine. He already has a Diesel 330 with over 3,500 hours of use. Alan often rents his trailers out to restoration contractors.
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