The DrySmart Advantage

DrySmart trailers are fully self-contained convection drying systems that give you more control over your drying jobs and will improve your bottom line.

  1. DrySmart heat systems dry faster and drying faster with DrySmart increases your revenues.  
    DrySmart bills out at between $1375 (200,000 BTU system) and $2200 (400,000 BTU system) per day! (Xactimate code “HEATA” & “HEATA>”).  Fuel, set up and take down, and monitoring charges are additional.

    Note:  DrySmart does not displace air movers, inject-a-dries, and other similar pieces of equipment. It just makes them more effective. 

  2. Take On More Jobs. 
    The sooner one job is done the sooner the next one can begin and often jobs seem to come in clusters. A DrySmart trailer will free up equipment for other jobs.
  3. Reduce Labor. 
    Drying faster will reduce the amount of labor needed at the jobsite. DrySmart is extremely user friendly and very easy to set up with just one person.  Contents and carpet can be dried in place saving more labor. DrySmart’s diesel trailers can run two to four days on a single tank of fuel. Refueling is easy at the local gas station or via fuel delivery truck.
  4. Handle a Broader Range of Work.
    Try defrosting a frozen house or drying a crawl space with a dehumidifier. If fact, we have found when defrosting a frozen house, the melted water evaporates at about the same rate it is melted.  DrySmart is sometimes used in construction when drywall mud or other materials must be quickly dried.
  5. No Power, No Problem.
    The Diesel 500’s on-board generator makes the trailer entirely self-sufficient and provides power for air movers and auxiliary equipment.
  6. Get More Work.
    Insurance adjustors and agents quickly learn that the benefits and savings of using heat drying. Their total claim amounts, especially for collateral damage and repairs, are reduced. Clients are back in their buildings sooner.
  7. Fixed Price Restoration.
    There is a movement in the restoration industry to fixed price drying based on square or cubic foot measurements. Tim Jankowski of Aladdin’s says if we “go to fixed price drying, my DrySmart trailer will be out on even more jobs.” Tim sees the advantage of using heat even on smaller claims that normally require only a few dehumidifiers.  DrySmart is easy to use and provides a big head start on the drying process.
  8. Excellent Return on Investment.
    After he took delivery of his first DrySmart trailer, Peter Overgaauw of PDS said he would buy a second when the first one was paid for. It was only six months until he ordered his second machine.
  9. The Cool Factor.
    Pulling up to a job site with a trailer mounted system sends the message that you are a serious player in this business.
  10. Be An Industry Leader.
    Use the best available technologies in your business.
We first took delivery of our DrySmart convection-drying trailer in December 2006. It has hardly been in our warehouse since. We have been so pleased with its performance in drying residential and commercial structures that were fully saturated that…
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