DrySmart Trailer Uses

DrySmart Uses

The DrySmart Heat Drying System is suitable for a broad range of applications and able to handle a wide range of work. From water restoration and structural drying applications to temporary heat and Chinese Drywall Remediation, the DrySmart System is the perfect solution.

Water Damage Restoration & Structural Drying

The ideal tool for structural drying and water damage restoration, the DrySmart Heat System will greatly reduce the time needed to complete a dry out, minimize potential damage, reduce or eliminate the need to remove materials, shorten project length, reduce project costs, and improve your bottom line.

Temporary Heat

Able to produce a powerful stream of hot air, the DrySmart Heat System can provide temporary heating to residential homes, out buildings, pole barns, or large commercial structures during construction, emergency situations, or special events. Its ability to operate in an air make-up mode like permanent building heating units saves energy.

Crawl Space Drying

There is no better way to dry out wet earth beneath a building. Joists and floors are dried out as well.

New Construction Drying

The DrySmart Heat System is an ideal tool for the construction industry and can be used to speed the drying of concrete, joint compounds, drywall mud, and paint and finishes. Meet your deadlines!


Heat is an extremely effective tool for killing bedbugs. DrySmart is capable of generating the high air temperatures necessary to kill bedbugs and their eggs. And of course heat eradication has the advantage eliminating the need for chemicals. A number of DrySmart trailer owners have been able to expand their remediation business into this new line of work.

Other Uses

Need clean hot air for other purposes? The DrySmart system is a very flexible and DrySmart trailers can be customized to meet your needs.

The Drysmart Trailer is an outstanding tool in our box. I am more apt to call for it than some of the other drying trailers (dessicants) in our yard. The heat rise and cfm combined with it’s ease of use makes it a great product. And good job to you a…
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