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History of DrySmart

DrySmart’s owners began using heat drying systems for water damage restoration in 2002.  While impressed by the performance of heat drying compared to dehumidification, they believed commercially available heat systems of the time could be improved.  They utilized their manufacturing and electrical engineering backgrounds to develop the now patented DrySmart system.  In 2006 they built the first DrySmart heat drying trailer.  That trailer is still on the job today.  Its owner subsequently purchased two more DrySmart trailers.

The DrySmart trailer design is the culmination of years of hands on heat drying experience and feedback from DrySmart customers.  The trailer is extremely user friendly and is easily and quickly set up by just one technician.  Attention is paid to details such as a porch light by the door so the trailer can be unlocked at night, a place to store 4×8 sheets of board up materials, an on-board battery charger to keep the trailer ready to go, and a flood light for night time set-up.  All major components are easily assessable for service and none are proprietary.  Going back to the factory is not necessary; most parts are readily available locally.  DrySmart strives make its drying systems trouble free and as well as profitable to own.

Sunday I delivered a new Diesel 500 to Alan Lystila owner of Extreme Supplies in Clinton, Michigan. This is his second machine. He already has a Diesel 330 with over 3,500 hours of use. Alan often rents his trailers out to restoration contractors.
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